The relationship between two different cultures, the palestinian and the israeli, and their interaction with the wall that Israel has built on palestinian land.
Original Title: Mur
Director: Simone Bitton
Country of Origin: France, Israel
Language: Arabic, Hebrew
Runtime: 99 min
Tecnology: 35mm, color
Year: 2004
More about the plot: The Jewish children playing by the wall are confused. 'They shoot Arabs from here,' one says cheerfully. 'No, Arabs shoot at us,' her friend corrects her. They've already forgotten what used to be where the new wall now stands. And they're unsure what to make of the woman asking them questions, who switches effortlessly between Arabic and Hebrew. In Wall, Simone Bitton uses her dual Jewish and Arab heritage to examine the separation fence that is destroying one of the most historically significant landscapes in the world, while imprisoning one people and enclosing the other. Bitton travels the length of the wall, talking to people she encounters in a cinematic mediation. Without taking sides about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Bitton shows up some of the ironies of this latest, desperate measure - from the Palestinian workers grateful to get work building the wall, to the concrete factory which specialises in fortified walls, where business is booming.