Pin Boy
A young man travels to a big city to find better job opportunities, and ends up working in a bowling bowl saloon.
Original Title: Parapalos
Director: Ana Poliak
Producer: Ana Poliak
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 90 min
Tecnology: 35 mm, color
Year: 2004
Cast: Adrián Suárez, Nancy Torres, Roque Chappay, José Luis Seytón Guzmán, Armando Quiroga
PHOTOGRAPHY: Víctor “Kino” González, Alejandro Fernández Mouján
EDITION: Ana Poliak
More about the plot: Young Adrián arrives from inland Argentina to Buenos Aires with the intention of trying to make a living, moving into his cousin Nancy’s modest apartment. He lands a job as a pin boy, standing the skittles upright and returning the balls to the players, at one of the few manual bowling alleys still open in the city. Having a great interest in other people, he eagerly listens to the stories and philosophical thoughts of his older colleagues. El Turco is a sort of guru, always in a good mood. Nippur is a hippy-cum-heavy metal geek, covered in tatooes, a jumble of dreams and contradictions. Daniel irradiates serenity and warmth. Quiroga is an ex-miner... Adrián, Nancy, El Turco, Nippur, Quiroga and Daniel could be outscasts indifferent to society, but each one in some way cares for the others.
Additional information:
Ana Poliak
Buenos Aires, 1962. Graduated in Film Directing and Studies from the Escuela Experimental de Cine of the Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía. Following a period of collaborating in educational programmes for TV, she worked as assistant to Pino Solanas, Jeanine Meerapfeld and Eduardo de Gregorio. In 1989 she founded her own production company, Viada, with which she produced her two first features as a director, Que vivan los crotos (1990) and La fe del volcán (2001). She also coproduced and edited Santiago Loza’s Extraño and Willi Behnisch’s Cantata de las cosas solas.