And Thereafter
Korean-born filmmaker Hosup Lee spent months making interviews with the old woman whilst living with the Wike family. Looked down upon by some Americans because of her poor English, and considered a whore by many Koreans, she is caught between two worlds with a long and complicated history.
Original Title: And Thereafter
Director: Hosup Lee
Producer: Hosup Lee & Hyun-Ock Im
Country of Origin: South Korea
Language: English, Korean
Runtime: 56 min.
Tecnology: Digital Video, color, stereo.
Year: 2003
Cast: Young-Ja Wike
Crew: Screenplay: Hosup Lee Director: Hosup Lee Photo: Hosup Lee Editing: Hosup Lee Music: Yungho Na
More about the plot: For women like Young-Ja Wike, America represented an end to the crushing poverty of the post-war period, along with a promise of love and happiness in a new country. More than 10.000 women from Korea settled in the States after the war. Many of them divorced their American husbands later. Not so Young-Ja Wike.
Additional information: Hosup Lee Born in Seoul and graduated from Seoul National University. After completing studies in public administration at New York University, he returned to Korea and worked as a producer and director for several years with KBS Media Enterprises. His main project was the documentary program "Sunday Special", producing and directing several documentaries on subjects ranging from jazz to the search for extraterrestrial life. He later returned to New York and enrolled in the M.F.A. program at City College of New York. This is the full-length version of AND THEREAFTER, his thesis short film, which received Best Documentary Award and Best Cinematography Award at Citivisions 2001 and was selected for the 25th Asian American International Film Festival.