La Mecha
The title of the film refers to a fundamental piece of an old heater fueled by kerosene used by Don Galván. This old man, 85 years old, is retired and lives in a small house with his wife, in the poor zone surrounding Buenos Aires called "el conurbano". This man decides one cold morning to repair the heater and so he begins a long journey through the west side of the conurbano to find the piece he needs.
Original Title: La Mecha
Director: Raúl Perrone
Producer: Pablo Trapero
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 73 min
Tecnology: 35 mm, color
Year: 2003
Cast: Gonzalo Freijó .... Ferretero 1 Nicéforo Galván .... Don Galván Ofelia Galván .... Ofelia Mauricio Guzmán .... Ferretero 3 Juan Manuel Hernández .... Ferretero 2 Luis A. Meno .... Pibe 3 Adrián Domingo Núñez .... Pibe 1 Alejandro E. Olmos .... Pibe 2 Daniel Pellinacci .... Daniel Juan Ramón Sánchez .... Lito Marcela Sánchez .... Marcela Bernardo Sioja .... Bernardo Marcela Sioja .... Alejandra Pamela Sioja .... Alejandra Enrique Torn .... Remisero
Crew: Screenplay: Roberto Barandalla y Raúl Perrone Photography: Ángel Arozamena. Edition: Benjamín Ávila. Executive Producers: Martina Gusman, Hugo Castro Fau.